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Happy Thanksgiving

It’s snowing outside, a turkey is defrosting in the refrigerator, and the mantle and tops of book cases and the china cabinet are decorated with autumn leaf garlands, pumpkins and tiny white lights that glow softly on this overcast day. One of my favorite family holidays is just days away and I’m excited.
My holiday television special, “A Home for Christy Rost: Thanksgiving” is airing nationwide on PBS and Create TV stations today (Nov 19), and I’m receiving emails and Facebook posts from viewers who enjoyed the show and want to share stories about their own holiday celebrations and home renovation projects. Many viewers are also searching for more recipes and entertaining tips. You can find them here on my website at, and also on PBS Food’s new website at
At PBS Food, you’ll discover my Ten Essential Thanksgiving Planning Tips, and since tradition is such an important aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday, I’ve shared some of our traditions in an article titled Celebrate Thanksgiving Family Traditions. And please don’t miss my Thanksgiving recipes and slide show in the section Discover New Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas – cranberry relish in orange baskets, Southern Brussels sprouts with brown butter and pecans, pumpkin pie with autumn leaf border, and many more family favorites.
I look forward to sharing more easy holiday decorating tips and spectacular holiday recipes with you in the coming weeks, so please check back. For now, may you and your loved ones enjoy a Happy Thanksgiving!