Frozen Rum-rita

Christy Rost

4ounces Mount Gay Eclipse Rum
2ounces Cointreau
2ounces fresh-squeezed lime juice
1teaspoon confectioners sugar (optional)
2cups ice cubes
additional lime juice for rims of glasses
3tablespoons kosher salt

Measure rum, Cointreau, lime juice and confectioners sugar into a blender. Add ice cubes, cover blender and mix until mixture is smooth and creamy in appearance.

Place two small saucers on preparation area. Pour additional lime juice into one saucer and salt into the other saucer. Turn Rum-rita glasses upside down. Dip rim of glasses into lime juice, then salt.

Pour Rum-rita mixture into glasses. Add a slice of lime to rim of glasses, if desired.

Recipe makes 2 cocktails.

Category: Beverages