Panorama Easter Eggs

Christy Rost


4cups granulated sugar
5-6teaspoons water
4squares heavy carboard
1set plastic egg molds

Stir sugar and water together until sugar mixture is moist. Add a few extra drops of water as needed until sugar holds together. Press into egg molds. Place cardboard over filled mold, turn mold over and place on a cookie sheet. Carefully remove mold. Using a sharp knife, cut a small opening at narrow end. Repeat with remaining egg molds. Allow to dry several hours until outer shell is firm.

Scoop out center of hardened sugar molds with a spoon, leaving a thin shell. Decorate inside of bottom molds with tinted royal icing and miniature Easter novelties. Pipe untinted royal icing around horizontal rim of lower shell, place upper shell onto lower shell, matching front opening.

Pipe tinted royal icing around seam and opening of eggs. Decorate with royal icing flowers and leaves. Allow icing to harden several hours.

Royal Icing:
3tablespoons powdered egg whites
5cups sifted confectioners sugar
5tablespoons water
miniature Easter novelties

Place ingredients in the bowl of an electric mixer. Beat at medium speed 7-10 minutes until icing is thick and smooth. If too thick, add additional water, a few drops at a time.

When icing is ready, reserve a small amount for glueing upper and lower egg shells together. Divide remaining royal icing between several bowls and tint as desired. Keep royal icing covered with a damp cloth or plastic wrap, as icing hardens quickly.

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