Tabletop Ghosts

Christy Rost


6 ½yards folded cheesecloth
1pair leather gloves
2thin wire coat hangers
215-inch Styrofoam cones
aluminum foil
plastic wrap
floral adhesive
1large zipper freezer bag
115-ounce bottle fabric stiffener
glue stick or hot glue gun
1small square black felt for eyes

With fabric scissors, cut 4 8-inch lengths of folded cheesecloth for the heads. Cut 4 50-inch lengths of folded cheesecloth for bodies; set aside.

Using leather gloves to protect hands, straighten out coat hangers. Bend wire to form a base, arms and head for 2 ghosts. Insert the base into the top of cone and wrap head and arms with aluminum foil to provide shape. Drape the head with a sheet of plastic wrap. Repeat process to form another ghost. Cover 2 cookie sheets with plastic wrap and adhere cones to plastic with a dime-size piece of floral adhesive.

Pour 1 cup of fabric stiffener into freezer bag, thinning mixture with water if it is too thick. Place 2 of the 8-inch squares of cheesecloth into the bag, seal the bag, and squeeze to saturate the fabric with the stiffener. Remove one square and place over the head, smoothing fabric with fingers. Remove remaining square, open fabric folds, and place over head, adjusting fabric over areas which are uncovered.

Add additional stiffener to freezer bag, thinning with water as needed. Unfold one of the 50-inch lengths of cheesecloth, place in freezer bag, and seal. Saturate fabric; then remove it from the bag and gently open the fabric completely. Drape the cheesecloth over the entire ghost form, adjusting the fabric in folds over the arms and the front and back of the ghost. Allow excess fabric to pool around the base of the ghost. As it stiffens, this will enable the ghost to stand on its own. Unfold another 50-inch length of cheesecloth, saturate with stiffener, and drape over ghost, adjusting folds to provide a ghostly appearance, and pooling excess fabric around the base. Repeat process with second ghost.

Allow ghost to dry until fabric is stiff, about 4 hours. Gently remove the ghosts from the forms. Cut eyes from black felt and glue onto ghosts with fabric glue or hot glue.

Makes 2 ghosts, about 22-inches high.

Category: Holidays