White Chocolate Risotto, Brandied Cherries

Jason Weaver


8ounces Arborio rice
1vanilla bean
½ounce sugar
¾ounce butter
3 ½Ounces white chocolate pieces
1quart half and half
2ounces dried cherries (plumped in brandy or cognac)
Splash of cream if necessary to finish

To begin, in a thick-bottomed saucepot, melt butter and sauté the rice with the split vanilla bean, scraped and added in. Add the sugar and 1/3 of the half and half. Allow to cook while stirring until most of the liquid is gone then add another 1/3 of the half and half, cook again until the liquid is almost gone. Continue adding the half and half in small increments until all is gone and the rice is tender.

Drain the cherries of any excess alcohol and add to the risotto, add the white chocolate, and stir. Once the white chocolate is in you should not put the risotto back on the heat much as the white chocolate is prone to “breaking”. If necessary finish with a splash of cream to make it nice and creamy! Don’t wait too long to serve it and serve with ice cream if possible.

Category: Side Dishes